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20 July 2015, Cascina Triulza, Expo

Martedì 21 Luglio 2015

 20 July 2015, Cascina Triulza, Expo


The event, organized within the activities of the project “Sustainable Energy Technologies for Food Utilisation” (SET4food) and funded by the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO), takes into account the combination of food utilization and energy availability in temporary, quasi permanent, and permanent camps and informal settlements. Pilot projects and case studies tested in Libano, Central African Republic, Somalia and Haiti will be discussed and presented.

The event is organized by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, COOPI and Politecnico di Milano.

Conference Center di EXPO

Martedì 21 Luglio 2015

 7-11 luglio, Conference Center di EXPO


Le Best Practices che hanno partecipato al Bando delle Best Sustainable Development Practices:

7 luglio 11.15:

 “Pasture user groups for sustainable rangeland management in Mongolia”

 “Conservation and management of Lampi National Park in Myanmar”

 “Introducing no-till conservation agriculture to Lebanon”

 “Identification and conservation of the high nature value of ancient olive groves in the Mediterranean region”

 “Rationalisation of Ras El Ain irrigation systems and rational use of natural resources to improve agriculture productions”

8 luglio 11.15:

Intensification of agriculture by strengthening cooperative agro-input shops”

 “Ecuador, ancestral grains fight poverty and malnutrition”

 “Nourishing the land, nourishing the people”

 “Tradition and innovation: ensuring a more sustainable and equitable future for Karakorum Communities”

9 luglio 11.15:

Regional Network to support small producers of coffee”

 “Farmer-researcher networks and North-South partnerships to transform West African agriculture and society towards sustainability, justice and wealth”

 “Informatics tool for the competitiveness of local food productions from South Mediterranean Countries to European entry points (Italy)”

10 luglio 11.15:

Africa Milk Project: lovey our land, fight poverty, drink your milk”

 “Eradication of the tsetse fly Glossina palpalis gambiensis from the Niayes in Senegal”

 “Sri Lanka, reconciliation happens through respect for environment, health organic food and joined marketing opportunities”

11 luglio 11.15:

Food is a resource to secure tangible assistance and inclusion to the deprived”

 “Kiwicha (Amaranto)agriculture native to the human and social development as the only alternative to the battle against hunger in the region Salta- Argentina”

 “Malawian women as agents of change for nutritional and agricultural development

Martedì 7 Luglio 2015

Europeancyclingchallenge 2014

Nell’edizione 2013 a Bologna oltre 450 partecipanti avevano coperto complessivamente più di 52.000 km in bicicletta vincendo la competizione contro Padova, Rimini, Tallinn e Tartu (Estonia),Lille (Francia), Kaunas (Lituania), Dublino (Irlanda), due grandi distretti di Londra (Regno Unito), Utrecht (Olanda) e Vilanova de Famalicão (Portogallo). Quest’anno invece la lotta è stata molto più dura, con tanti nuovi partecipanti e sebbene Bologna abbia raddoppiato i chilometri totalizzati guardate un po’ che classifica è venuta fuori…!


Varsavia stravince! Ma Roma ottiene un entusiasmante terzo posto! Quindi arrivederci al prossimo anno! In bici!

International Summer School

Martedì 7 Luglio 2015

CeTAmb LAB International Summer School: from Monday 29th June till Friday 03rd July.

Appropriate technologies for water, sanitation and waste management in humanitarian crises.

Participation is free of charge but subordered to regular registration. A maximum number of 30 participants will be accepted.There are still some places.

Pre-registered participants have to confirm within 19th of June.

Feel free to send us an e-mail for having more details or to respond to any doubt:

brochure: brochure-summer-school-program-completa.pdf